Justin    Bieber      Quits    Music:

   Justin    Bieber      Quits    Music:

Fans Shocked as Pop Sensation Announces Unexpected Career Move

In a new meeting with Board, Justin Bieber stunned fans by declaring his choice to resign from music. The news spread like quickly across online entertainment, with many fans communicating their shock and disillusionment at the declaration.

What’s the significance here for Justin Bieber’s Profession?

That being said, it is essential to take note of that Bieber has not expressed absolutely that he is resigning from music for good. In the Board interview, he welcomed a potential re-visitation of music later on, expressing that “on the off chance that I return and it’s simply not all new stuff, then, at that point, why bother with returning?”

What’s the significance here for Justin Bieber’s Fans?

For Justin Bieber’s fans, the fresh insight about his retirement from music might be hard to hear. Bieber has been a darling pop star for north of 10 years, and has amassed a committed fanbase that has upheld him through his ups and downs.

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