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WATCH: ‘Fast and furious’ Maryland man rams stolen truck, ambulance into 13 Virginia cars

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In what was no less than a “Fast and Furious” inspired Hollywoodish high-speed getaway, a Maryland man first stole a truck and then an ambulance to go on a car-crashing rampage involving at least 13 vehicles on the busy roads of Arlington County, Virginia police said.

The sequence of events began with the theft of a truck from Virginia, triggering a series of accidents. Evading the scene, the driver then abandoned the stolen truck and continued his escapade by stealing an ambulance from the Arlington County Fire Department that had responded to the crash.

According to Virginia State Police, the initial truck theft occurred near Interstate Highway 66’s 74-mile marker, with the driver fleeing the scene.

 Subsequently, the same individual, identified as 30-year-old Darell T. Caldwell, triggered multiple crashes on Interstate Highway 395 near Arlington County Exit 10, solidifying his trail of destruction.

As the chaos escalated, Caldwell further rammed into another vehicle on the George Washington Parkway while driving in the wrong direction. When medics reached the scene, Caldwell brazenly stole the ambulance.

The pursuit wound its way through Washington, DC, with Caldwell evading authorities at multiple points. Ultimately, his rampage concluded with a collision involving a parked vehicle, leading to his apprehension. The incident caused minor injuries to an individual within the parked vehicle.

Footage of the ambulance speeding through traffic circulated widely on the internet, highlighting the audacity and recklessness of the events.

In total, the stolen ambulance was involved in an astounding 13 hit-and-run crash. Although none of the crashes resulted in severe injuries, at least six individuals were taken to the hospital with minor injuries, prompting an extensive investigation.

Caldwell is facing charges from federal, local, and state law enforcement agencies. Virginia State Police have also pressed charges, marking the latest chapter in a tale of chaos that gripped multiple highways and served as a grim reminder of the potential dangers lurking on the roads.

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