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View Royal, a town located in British Columbia, is facing a tax increase of 9.4% due to a rise in labor costs that have affected the town’s budget.

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The town council recently released their 2023 budget proposal, which revealed that the increase in labor costs was a major factor in the tax hike. According to the proposal, the town is expected to spend more money on salaries and wages for employees, as well as an increase in employee benefits and pension contributions.

While the budget proposal did not provide specific details on how the town plans to address these labor costs, it did state that the town will be exploring ways to improve efficiency and reduce expenses in other areas.

The proposed tax increase has sparked concern among some residents, who are already struggling to make ends meet in the wake of the pandemic. However, town officials have emphasized the importance of maintaining critical services and infrastructure in the face of rising costs.

The budget proposal is expected to be reviewed and finalized in the coming weeks, with the tax increase set to take effect in the new fiscal year.

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