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US to send war fleet, provide ammunition to Israel amid escalating conflict

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Leviathan and a second Israeli navy submarine are seen during a naval manoeuvre in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Haifa, northern Israel June 9, 2021.—Reuters

US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin has announced that the United States is sending a war fleet to Israel to provide support during the ongoing conflict. 

Additionally, the US will also be supplying ammunition to Israel as part of its security assistance.

Furthermore, the provision of US security assistance to Israel is set to commence immediately, as confirmed by the US defence minister. The Pentagon is also dispatching fighter jets to the region, according to media reports.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken has previously confirmed that the United States is evaluating Israel’s requests for aid, with an announcement of new military assistance expected soon. Blinken emphasised that there was no evidence of Iran’s involvement in the attacks on Israel.

He also noted the severity of the fighting in Gaza and the US’s consideration of Israel’s aid appeals. Moreover, Blinken revealed that the US is diligently working to verify reports of missing and deceased Americans abroad following Hamas’ unprecedented attack on Israel.

The recent conflict between Israel and Hamas has witnessed a significant escalation, with Hamas launching a major attack on Israel, resulting in casualties on both sides. In response, Israel conducted airstrikes in Gaza, leading to multiple casualties and extensive destruction. 

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