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US Intelligence Chief States Russia is Unlikely to Use Nuclear Weapons

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The Head of US Public Insight, Avril Haines, has expressed that Russia is “impossible” to utilize atomic weapons against the US. Her assertion comes in the midst of developing strains between the two nations.

Haines offered the remark during a conference before the US Senate Outfitted Administrations Council, where she introduced the knowledge local area’s evaluation of worldwide dangers. She likewise noticed that Russia’s atomic methodology is centered around stopping the US and its partners from sending off an atomic strike.

US-Russia Pressures

The US and Russia have for quite some time been taken part in a virus war-like clash, with questions going from the circumstance in Ukraine to allegations of cyberattacks and impedance in one another’s races. As of late, pressures have raised, with the US and its partners blaming Russia for gathering troops on the Ukrainian boundary and of supporting dissident revolutionaries in eastern Ukraine.

Russia has denied any bad behavior and blamed the US for taking part in antagonistic activities, remembering assents and military development for the area.


In spite of the pressures between the US and Russia, the US knowledge boss’ assertion offers some consolation that the probability of an atomic clash is low. In any case, the circumstance stays sensitive, and any error or confusion of activities could rapidly grow into an out and out emergency. It is essential for the two sides to keep up with open channels of correspondence and work towards settling their disparities through discretion and exchange.

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