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Urgent evacuations ordered as wildfire threatens Athol, Idaho

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Urgent evacuations ordered as wildfire threatens Athol, Idaho

Athol, Idaho residents residing within the city boundaries are urged to evacuate immediately due to an ongoing wildfire in the vicinity.

Firefighters from the Timberlake Fire Protection District are presently engaged in combatting a fire located on Sarah Loop, situated northwest of Silverwood and south of Highway 54.

Emergency services have declared Level 3 Evacuations, signifying an imperative “LEAVE NOW” directive, for inhabitants of Sarah Loop and surrounding localities, as well as all individuals within Athol’s city precincts. 

Furthermore, Level 2 evacuations, indicating “BE PREPARED TO LEAVE AT A MOMENT’S NOTICE,” have been enacted for areas to the south of Athol, spanning between Old Highway 95 and Highway 95, extending northwards from Silverwood.

Kootenai County Emergency Management (KCEM) has officially issued Level 3 (GO NOW) evacuations for the wildfire affecting Athol, Idaho. The directive specifically applies to those residing within Athol’s city confines. While the extent of the fire’s acreage and potential impact on structures remains undisclosed, efforts are actively being undertaken to combat the blaze.

Current traffic reports from 511 Idaho reveal that State Highway 54 is obstructed in both directions between North Revelation Court and U.S. 95 northbound due to the ongoing emergency situation. The Timberlake Fire Department has been promptly dispatched to manage the crisis. Athol, with a population of 724 and a land area of 570 acres, is grappling with the wildfire’s consequences.

KCEM has established evacuation shelters for affected individuals, with Real Life Ministries located at 30447 N. Roughstock Road and Timberlake High School at 5973 ID-5 in Spirit Lake serving as safe havens. The shelter at Timberlake High School will be accessible from 6:00pm, as communicated by KCEM.

In an empathetic gesture, the North Idaho State Fair at the Kootebai County Fairgrounds has extended an invitation through Facebook to accommodate animals from Athol, including those associated with 4-H, FFA, Independent, and open classes.

Silverwood Theme Park has affirmed via Facebook that it is maintaining close communication with local fire authorities and continuing park operations, emphasising that evacuations for Silverwood are not presently in effect.

For inquiries concerning the fire, KCEM has provided a citizen inquiry hotline at (208) 446-2292. A KREM 2 news team is en route to the scene for comprehensive coverage of the situation. The fire, although limited in size at present, poses a tangible threat to structures. The fire district has officially requested additional resources, including aerial support, to effectively contain the fire’s spread.

Kootenai County Emergency Management underscores the availability of evacuation shelters, further affirming their commitment to the safety and welfare of the affected communities. 

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