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Russia-Ukraine war: Moscow foils 2 Kyiv drones off Crimea

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This photograph taken on August 2, 2023, shows a view of a damaged building at a Ukrainian port on the Danube after a night drone attack in the Odesa region. — AFP

Russian media reported early Monday that the defence ministry thwarted two drones from Ukraine over the Kursk Region, off the Black Sea, as both sides are increasing the number of attacks on each other’s crucial facilities.

The ministry wrote on its Telegram Monday: “At about 1:00am today, an attempt by the [Kyiv] regime to carry out a terror attack on facilities on Russian soil with the use of two unmanned aerial vehicles was foiled.”

“[Russian] air defence forces on duty destroyed the Ukrainian UAVs over the Black Sea off the Crimean Peninsula and over the Kursk Region,” the ministry said.

Kiyv’s forces have recently ramped up their drone attacks on the opponent as the Russia-Ukraine — started 18 months ago — brought heavy casualties on both sides.

The attack was foiled as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky removed Sunday his defence minister Oleksiy Reznikov from the post vowing “new approaches” in the ministry.

The decision was taken amid a slow-paced counteroffensive against Russian forces and reports of rampant corruption in the defence circles.

The deposed minister was very vocal about securing military support from the Western allies and led his country in negotiations aimed at acquiring advanced weaponry.

Reznikov was given the responsibilities of the ministry just three months before Russia commenced its special military operation against Ukraine.

Oleksiy Reznikov’s replacement was announced in a video message by Volodymyr Zelensky amid reports of malpractices and slow operations against Russia.

It also paves the way for a major change in Ukraine’s defence circles.

Last month, with the Russia-Ukraine intensifying President Zelensky dismissed some top military officials over corruption charges, saying “the system should be headed by those who know about the war”.

He wrote on social media: “We are dismissing all regional military commissars,” the decision he took after meeting with senior military leadership.

He added: “This system should be run by people who know exactly what war is and why cynicism and bribery at a time of war is high treason.”

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