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Russia-Ukraine war: Kyiv admits of conducting Pskov drone attack

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Ukrainian soldiers near Lyman, a key city in the eastern Donetsk region that Russian forces abandoned over the weekend to avoid encirclement. — AFP/File

As the Russia-Ukraine war is gradually resorting to the increased use of unmanned aerial vehicles, Kyiv has confirmed that its forces carried out a drone attack on the city of Pskov’s airport.

Ukrainian Ministry of Defence said that military intelligence (GUR) was behind the drone attack that caused damage to four Il-76 transport planes, media reports indicate.

Reports also underline that the damaged planes were long-range cargo ones that are crucial to supplying troops and equipment to the battlefield at long distances, proving to be an asset for Moscow’s forces.

At the time of the attack Wednesday, Regional Governor Mikhail Vedernikov said an airport in the Russian city of Pskov came under attack by drones, and the defence forces have thwarted the assault.

Videos on social media showed thick black smoke rising over the airport.

An attempt by the [Kyiv] regime to carry out a terrorist attack by an aircraft-type UAV on objects in Russia was thwarted, according to the Defence Ministry, quoted at that time by RIA Novosti.

The ministry also added: “Air defense forces on duty shot down three Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles over the territory of the Bryansk region and another UAV over the territory of the Oryol region.”

Pskov is located about 700 kilometres north of Ukraine, and 30 kilometres from the border of Nato member Estonian. Latvia is about 60 kilometres southwest of the city.

Citing air traffic services, TASS had also reported that airspace above Moscow’s Vnukovo airport had been closed, however, it also reported later that Vnukovo has resumed its work, and the airspace is now open.”

In recent weeks Moscow and other Russian regions have been targeted by a barrage of Ukrainian drone attacks after Kyiv vowed this summer to “return” the conflict to Russia.

Ukraine’s drone war on Russia is now an almost daily occurrence. Wednesday’s attacks at Pskov, Bryansk and elsewhere were among the most widespread so far.

A fuel depot in Kaluga and a microelectronics factory in Bryansk where components for Russian weapons systems are made were also hit in those attacks.

Mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, said Thursday the drone had been shot down southeast of Moscow, forcing dozens of flights to be delayed at the Russian capital’s airport.

Regional governor Alexander Bogomaz wrote in a Telegram post, that three drones had been shot down over Bryansk.

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