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Putin won’t attend G20 Summit in India – SUCH TV

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Russian President Vladimir Putin conveyed to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi his decision to abstain from attending the upcoming G20 Summit scheduled to be hosted by India.

The summit, which is slated to convene in the capital city of Delhi from September 9 to 10, has drawn global attention as leaders from the world’s most affluent nations, along with the European Union, come together to discuss critical global issues.

During a telephone conversation, President Putin personally informed Indian Prime Minister Modi of his unavailability to attend the summit.

Instead, Putin announced that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov would represent the nation at the international gathering on his behalf.

The interaction between the two leaders also encompassed discussions on a range of pressing “regional and global issues of mutual concern,” as disclosed in a statement released by the Indian government.

The decision of President Putin not to attend was initially attributed to a “busy schedule,” as stated by a spokesperson from the Russian government in the preceding week.

India, as the current holder of the G20 presidency, is set to welcome leaders from the world’s top 19 economies along with representation from the European Union.

This platform serves as an influential forum for deliberating and addressing global economic challenges and policy coordination.

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