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“Mumbai Police Returns Over 100 Lost and Stolen Phones to Owners in a Heartwarming Operation”

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In a heartwarming incident, the police in Mira Bhayandar and Vasai Virar in Mumbai have managed to return over 100 lost or stolen cellphones to their rightful owners. The phones were returned after the police conducted an operation to recover stolen and lost phones in the area.

According to reports, the operation was carried out by the Local Crime Branch (LCB) of the police in coordination with the Cyber Cell. The police were able to track down the owners of the lost or stolen phones through the IMEI number of the devices.

The phones were returned to their owners in the presence of the police and the local MLA. The owners expressed their gratitude towards the police for their efforts in recovering their phones.

This initiative by the police has been lauded by the public and has served as a reminder to always report lost or stolen phones to the authorities. It also highlights the importance of keeping a record of the IMEI number of one’s phone.

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