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‘Laziest citizen’ contest keeps seven Montenegrins lying for days

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The competition, held in Brezna, pokes fun at the stereotype that Montenegrins are work-shy. — AFP

In a whimsical annual event hosted at a holiday retreat in northern Montenegro, seven participants are competing for the coveted title of “laziest citizen.” 

This competition, held in Brezna, aims to satirise the stereotype that Montenegrins are inherently lazy.

Last year, the lying down record was set at 117 hours, but this year’s contest has stretched into its 20th day, with the remaining contenders showing unwavering determination.

Remarkably, all participants report excellent health, with no major issues. They receive pampering care, and their sole task is to remain in a reclined position, as standing or sitting would result in immediate disqualification. 

They are allowed 10 minutes every eight hours for restroom breaks and can engage in activities like reading or using electronic devices.

The brainchild of Radonja Blagojevic, the contest has been held for 12 years, poking fun at the stereotype that Montenegrins are a laid-back bunch.

Among the seven finalists is Dubravka Aksic, the reigning champion from 2021. Aksic, aged 38, shares that they all feel great and that their well-being is well taken care of.

A total of 21 contenders started the competition, but only these seven remain, having collectively racked up a jaw-dropping 463 hours of reclined endurance.

One first-time contestant, Filip Knezevic, aged 23, hails from the northern town of Mojkovac. He exudes confidence and anticipates securing the 1,000-euro prize. Knezevic speaks highly of the fantastic company and the swift passage of time in this unique contest.

This light-hearted event continues to captivate participants and spectators alike, adding a touch of humour to the region’s cultural landscape.

In summary, the “Laziest Citizen” competition in northern Montenegro has entered its 20th day, challenging participants to outdo the previous lying down record of 117 hours. 

As the contest unfolds, health remains good, and contestants enjoy creature comforts while adhering to strict rules. 

Created as a satirical response to stereotypes about Montenegrins, this quirky event offers participants a chance at victory and camaraderie in an unconventional setting.

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