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Israel-Gaza war live updates: Rafah border crossing opens to humanitarian aid

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Trucks carrying humanitarian aid passed through the Rafah crossing from Egypt toward Gaza on Saturday for the first time since the war began — a breakthrough that signaled much-needed aid was on its way to the besieged enclave. The official Hamas-controlled press agency in Gaza confirmed the first “limited convoy of basic needs” had moved through the crossing, but added that the supplies will not be enough “to change the humanitarian catastrophe” in Gaza. The first convoy is expected to include 20 trucks carrying medicines, medical supplies and canned food, the statement said. The trucks waited for days to enter Gaza, which is facing dire straits after Israel imposed a “complete siege,” cutting it off from food, water and fuel. Palestinians told The Washington Post it would be extremely dangerous to distribute the aid without a halting of Israeli airstrikes, which have continued across the Strip, including in areas Israel said were safe zones. The U.S. Office of Palestinian Affairs said earlier Saturday the crossing might open. It remained unclear whether people seeking to exit Gaza would be able to pass the other way on Saturday, but the office warned of a “potentially chaotic and disorderly environment” with many people attempting to cross if it does.

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