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Gold mine collapse in Zimbabwe claims six lives, 15 trapped under rubble

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A rescue worker in the middle of the rescue operation after a gold mine collapsed in Zimbabwe in 2019. — AFP/File

At least six people have died and 15 others are trapped after a mine shaft collapsed in a gold mine in Zimbabwe on Friday, as per the reports by the Zimbabwean media.

According to BBC, the collapse of the Bay Horse gold mine in Zimbabwe’s Chegutu, 100km (62 miles) west of the capital Harare on Friday morning left more than 30 people trapped.

Currently, 13 miners are said to have escaped or been rescued, Zimbabwean media reported.

Additionally, efforts to reach those who remain underground are ongoing, television channel ZBC reported, while it is not known what caused the collapse.

The Zimbabwe Miners Federation said its secretary general and the Chegutu Miners Association chairman would visit the site to try to investigate what happened.

However, this is not the first time people have died due to a mine collapse in Zimbabwe.

Mining accidents in Zimbabwe, which is located on vast reserves of gold, platinum and diamonds, are not uncommon. The mining methods used by miners there are often rudimentary and safety standards are largely disregarded.

Previously, in 2019, dozens of miners drowned after heavy rain flooded the Silver Moon and Cricket mines near the town of Kadoma in the centre of the country.

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