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Broncos vs Rabbitohs 2023 NRL Premiership Match: Rabbitohs Triumph in Intense Showdown

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The 2023 NRL Premiership match between the Brisbane Broncos and the South Sydney Rabbitohs was a highly anticipated showdown that had fans eagerly tuning in. The Rabbitohs emerged victorious with a score of 24-18, thanks to impressive performances from key players like Adam Reynolds and Cody Walker.

For the Broncos, forward Payne Haas and newcomer Xavier Coates stood out with their impressive performances on the field. Despite their efforts, the team ultimately fell short in a game that was not without its controversies.

One notable incident came in the second half, when the Broncos were denied a try that appeared to be legitimate. Referees ruled the try out due to a knock-on in the lead-up play, leaving Broncos fans frustrated.

Despite this setback, the Broncos continued to fight until the final whistle, with Coates scoring a late try to narrow the scoreline. However, the Rabbitohs ultimately held on for the win.

Overall, the match showcased the immense talent on display in the NRL Premiership and offered fans a promising start to the 2023 season. Both the Broncos and the Rabbitohs are poised to make waves in the league, and fans will undoubtedly be keeping a close eye on their progress throughout the season.


Mitchell produced a brilliant kick for Alex Johnston to mop up and score off his own kick to put the icing on the cake.

“Mitchell mops up the scraps,” Cronk said.


Graham turned provider to put Cody Walker over as Souths pushed the lead past 20.

“Have a look at this sublime pass,” Cronk said.


Mitchell and Taane Milne set up Graham for his hat-trick as the Rabbitohs started to run away with it.


Herbie Farnworth was sin-binned for a trip on Graham as the Broncos were reduced to 12 men.


Mitchell pounced on a drop ball from Herbie Farnworth to dive over and extend Souths’ lead.

“That is a powerful statement from Latrell,” Cronk said.

Campbell Graham scored off a set play from a scrum after a smart captain’s challenge from Cam Murray as Souths took the lead.

“The sucker punch and Graham goes over,” Voss said.


Reynolds and Latrell Mitchell sparked an all-in melee after a push and shove from the former teammates.

“Now they have got Adam Reynolds fired up,” Voss said.


Reynolds produced a superb cutout pass for Jesse Arthars to score with a stunning finish as the Broncos locked up the scores.

“What a finish from Arthars,” Voss said.

“And what a pass from Reynolds.”


Campbell Graham pounced on a pinpoint grubber from Lachlan Ilias to see the Rabbitohs take the lead.


Cameron Murray was sent to the sin bin for a contentious professional foul after taking out Billy Walters in the chase for a Adam Reynolds kick to allow the Broncos to take a 2-0 lead.

“Cameron Murray is going to the sin bin,” Voss said.

“They have deemed it illegal contact.”

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