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Britain’s most famous tree felled in ‘deliberate act of vandalism’

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Sycamore Gap is pictured at sunset, near Henshaw, Northumberland, Britain February 26, 2021 (L) and a view of the Sycamore Gap tree that was felled, in Northumberland, Britain, September 28, 2023. — Reuters

The Sycamore Gap tree, a cherished landmark in Britain, known for its dramatic silhouette featured in the movie “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves,” has been deliberately felled in an act of vandalism.

The tree, located in northern England near Hadrian’s Wall and often referred to as the ‘Robin Hood Tree,’ was estimated to be centuries old and earned the title of “English Tree of the Year” in 2016.

Police have arrested a 16-year-old male in connection with the incident. The tree was found lying on its side across the wall, next to a freshly cut stump, as shown in photographs.

The destruction of this world-renowned landmark has caused shock, sadness, and anger within the local community and beyond. Superintendent Kevin Waring of Northumbria Police expressed the significance of the tree and the impact of its loss.

The National Trust, responsible for overseeing the site along with Northumberland National Park, expressed shock and deep sadness at the act of vandalism. Local lawmaker Guy Opperman described it as “criminal damage” and an attack on one of the nation’s most famous trees.

The tree’s iconic presence and its association with both cinematic and natural beauty made it a beloved symbol, and its loss is deeply felt by many.

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