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Breaking Down Tiger Woods’ Opening Round 74 at the 2023 Masters

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Breaking Down Tiger Woods’ Opening Round 74 at the 2023 Masters: A Tale of Perseverance


After a rough start to the 2023 Masters, Tiger Woods has managed to salvage his day at Augusta National. The question now is: How will he do it?

Tiger Woods’ Round of 74 at the 2023 Masters

Tiger Woods had a rough opening round at the 2023 Masters. He shot 74 in the opening round, two shots off the lead after his opening round.

Woods, who is still chasing a record sixth Masters title and is still ranked No. 1, will have to play well if he wants to win this week.

Tiger Woods

Tiger’s Proving That He Can Still Get It Done

Tiger Woods is a legend. His golfing career started in 1997, when he became the youngest player ever to win the Masters. He was only 19 years old at the time, but his dominance on the course has never been matched since.

In fact, Tiger has gone on to win 14 major championships (including three more at Augusta National) and become one of only two players (alongside Jack Nicklaus) ever to complete an 18-hole hole-in-one during competition play at Augusta National’s Masters Tournament—a feat that took place on April 9th in 2019 against Patrick Reed after coming from behind multiple times during their match up throughout each round they played together earlier in 2022 while playing together as partners with Brandt Snedeker before eventually finishing third place overall after losing out by one stroke due only losing out by one stroke against Patrick Reed who would ultimately go on receive his fifth victory overall after winning four consecutive events including The Open Championship three years ago followed closely afterwards by winning again this year’s US Open Championship last month along with becoming captain for next year’s Ryder Cup Team USA if selected which would mean traveling across Europe where there could potentially be more opportunities than usual because sometimes people forget about how good Americans are these days,” said Dickie Prideaux from England.

tiger woods score at the masters

Something Old, Something New and Everything in Between

Tiger Woods will be competing in his third Masters tournament, and he’s hoping to win his first green jacket since 2004.

Woods has had several chances to win the Masters before, with his most recent being in 2023 when he finished second overall after a playoff loss against Brooks Koepka. However, this time around there are no playoffs involved—just straight up competition at Augusta National Golf Club’s Amen Corner course for one of the most prestigious trophies in sports: The Green Jacket.

The 2020 edition of The Masters will feature many big names from both past eras as well as present ones alike; these include Tiger Woods himself who is looking to reclaim his title from 2023 when he last competed at Augusta National Golf Club’s Amen Corner course for one of its most prestigious trophies: The Green Jacket!

What Time Does Tiger Woods Tee Off ?

The first tee time for Tiger Woods at the Masters is scheduled for 7:20 am ET.

The second round follows immediately after, with a tee time of 10:50 am ET.

Where Does Tiger Woods Go From Here?

Tiger Woods will have a chance to make up some ground on the leaders. He has shown that he can play well under pressure, and this week’s tournament will be no different. There are some players who are playing better than they did last year in their opening rounds of golf tournaments, but none of them have played as well as Tiger Woods at Augusta National.

There is no doubt that if you want to win an event like this one then you need to know how to play well when things don’t go according to plan (such as missing your tee shot). This is why Tiger Woods’ game has become so successful over the years because he knows exactly what steps need taken during every round of play in order for him achieve success at Augusta National Golf Course each year!

what did tiger woods shoot today

tiger woods scorecard today

Despite being just two shots off the lead after his opening round, it remains to be seen what kind of round Tiger will have today.

While Tiger Woods’s opening round 74 is not exactly what you would call a stellar performance, he remains in the hunt for the Masters Tournament. The 2023 Masters will be Tiger’s first time playing since his scandal at the end of last year.

Tiger has had two other opportunities to play in this year’s event but withdrew both times due to injuries or personal issues. He was seen practicing on Monday but he did not make any holes-in-one when they were thrown at him during practice rounds earlier this week (which makes sense because nobody wants their hole-in-one thrown back at them).

It looks like all eyes will be on Tiger today as he takes on one last shot at getting back into contention after missing out on winning his first green jacket since 2004 by just one stroke!


Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfers in history and he will undoubtedly come back stronger than ever. His performance against a strong field at the 2023 Masters is an encouraging sign that Tiger can still compete with the best players in golf when his game isn’t completely broken down.

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